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Thank you! We have met our fundraising target! :)

We reached our original fundraising target, but you can still support development and keep the free service operating by becoming a sustainer. Sustainers receive a code after payment which can be used to activate our Push to Kindle email service for unlimited sending during the membership. It can also be used to buy our Push to Kindle Android application from the Google Play Store. (Of course you can also give the code to someone else if you have no need for it.)

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1 year • 12 EUR


Thank you so much! The Pastepad+Push to Kindle let me read much more content on my Kindle than I would be able to otherwise.


Essential tool for my daily reading. I love to send articles from feedly to kindle. Thanks a lot!

Álvaro R

A fan for years, I'm happy to support it!


Thanks for this great app!

matt pease

Great app - Thanks


I use it all the time, very useful.


Daniel Sousa

Thank you!


The most useful add-on ever!



Good work.


Thank you so much for making my life a lot easier! This is a great piece of software.


Thank you so much for making easier the transmission of content to my kindle and for so many hours of relaxing reading..!


Thank you for the great Firefox-Addon!


Your work is so useful! Thank you!


Thank you!! Amazing service! Live long and happy!

Max Kuz'ma


Thank you so much for developing this! I can now read news articles from my NY Times subscription without having to pay another fee to order it from Amazon!

Tracy Gonzales

Thanks for a great service!


your service has been very useful for me for a long time. thank you.


very nice service


thanks folks, love the product...


Thanks for making great stuff!


Keep up the good work!


Such a useful utility, thanks


Awesome service!


Work perfect for PocketBook!

Ilya S.

Awesome tool. Thanks!


Never have I been reading more web content. Thank you!


Thanks for the free service. I hope you'll keep it up.


Thanks for providing a nice and simple way to get articles onto my Kindle!

Anders Widebrant

Thank you for saving my eyes!

Lee Nutter

I find this an invaluable service - simple but allowing me to spend more time reading otherwise fleetingly visited articles.

Jeff Hooker

Great service, thank you and keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for this great service. Love the simplicity with the great and clean results. Keep on rocking, please! :)


Nice piece of work, great service.

Clifton Slater

Keep rocking!


Captures all pictures in the article. Even large articles! Awesome!

Jerry Luke

Michael Krieger

Mike Daugherty

The single best browser extension I have ever used. Just perfect.

Keep up the good work.
Greetings from Germany!


Thanks for a great service!


Keep up the good work guys! Your service is amazing!

Alana Murray

Jerome Hoffman

Powerful and easy-to-use tools and a site with attitude, love it!

Stefan Schmidt

This is one of the most useful services I have ever encountered. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this!

Michael Klaus

A fantastic service.

Dr. Michael Carter

Great Service!!


This service is absolutely excellent and has made my Kindle a useful way to read longer web articles. Thank you very much!

D Ryan

Very good tool, thank you!

Olaf Bolz

This app has improved my life so much. Thank You:)

Pantelis Albenis

Grabbed the Kindle app at Amazon too. Thanks for this. Great stuff.

Sylvia Lutnes

Excellent product - thank you so much!!

John Sobkowicz

Love this service!




Really useful, great product.

Y Tang

Thanks! Good work.


Great service! 99% of my Kindle content is delivered by fivefilters.


Great utility, thanks!

Danny O'Brien

Wonderful application. I use it frequently. Thank you.

Steve Katona

Super helpful and easy to use. Makes my Kindle even better. Thanks!


Now instead of having 5 million tabs open in my browser I can read articles on my kindle wherever and whenever I please. Thanks for providing such a wonderful service!


Thanks for this amazing service, changed the way I read!


I was ready to throw my Kindle away until I found this site. Now I have it with me all the time. Thanks!


I use Push to Kindle all the time to allow me to read blog posts and technical docs offline. Thanks for such a great tool :-)

Matt Walker (@_walkermatt)

I read tons of newspaper-articles on the kindle through your app. Well done, happy to donate.


You guys created an amazing product and deserve support. Thanks!

Lucho Osorio-Cortes

Great service.
Thanks from Bilbao!

eneko lonjaus

This application is doing great job..thanks!!!


Thanks for useful service! Hello from Russia :)


Fede Domingo

This service is fantastic - so easy and it has worked every time - thanks!


Very useful and simple to use - thankyou

Chris Hopper

most useful both for reading and sending to my Kindle

Steve Katona

site owns

Andrew T



Thank you! Fantastic idea: the add-on I was always looking for.


I love Push to Kindle, so it's high time I pay a little back for all the times I've used it. Hope it helps.


Thank you for a great Firefox addon. I use it a lot.


I just love the Firefox extension


The perfect addition to the Kindle - there's no day that I don't find a great blog article to push to the Kindle for a later read. Thanks, greatly appreciated!


I'm use this plug-in very useful.Thanks.


Great app, so easy to use. Enjoying reading items on my kindle.

Christine Nicoletti

Keep the good work, guys! Thanks!


A great little add-on, thanks!


Keep it up! :)


Your kindle it-app is a wonderful tool, have been using it extensively. Keep up the good work! Cheers


KindleIt is a really great app.

Jan Folse

One of my favorite Firefox add-ons. I use it a lot. Thanks.

Carsten von Schwichow

Let us help those who build innovative tools to enrich our lives. There is no free lunch.

Sudheer M

good job, keep it up...

harry wells

Great tool.

David Doyal

Exactly what I was looking for :-)


useful and well done

Kevin Johnson

It's useful to me!

Yuchieh Chen

Brilliant! Thanks a lot!


Great Firefox/Chrome extension, guys - keep the great work up!


Congratulations! I use Kindle It almost every day. It's really handy!

Gustavo Andrío

Love Kindle It! Use it every day! Not sure how I managed without it.

Suzi Shimwell

Felicidades. Es una herramienta extraordinaria para quienes tenemos un Kindle. Sigo estusiasmado con este e-reader.

Josep Boada

Thanks for writing this.
Really looking forward to the self-hosted version.
Good Luck!

Mark Waters

Kindle It is the savior of my Kindle. Thank you for providing useful service.

Kensuke Nagae

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