What is Full-Text RSS?

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Full-Text RSS can transform partial web feeds — often summary-only feeds which expect you to visit cluttered, ad-ridden site to read the full story — to deliver the full content stripped of clutter and ads. Read articles in full, in peace, in your favourite news reading application.

Full-Text RSS is a free software PHP application to help you extract content from web pages. Extract content from a standard HTML page and get a 1-item feed or transform partial feeds to full text. Designed to be run as a web service, but one which you control.



Speedy article extraction

Extraction rules ensure accurate results for popular sites and blog platforms.


Multi-page support

Articles split across a number of pages can be joined back together.



Where extraction rules do not exist, Full-Text RSS relies on heuristics to detect content automatically.



Add custom extraction rules for fine-grained extraction.


Language detection

Full-Text RSS can figure out the language of the article being processed.


Multiple formats

Extract articles from HTML pages and partial web feeds, and get result as RSS, JSON, or JSONP for easy parsing.


Easy hosting

Host on your own servers or deploy to the cloud. Pre-configured. No database required. See our hosting suggestions.


Freedom and transparency

Full-Text RSS is free software — no restrictive corporate APIs, no secret back doors.




  • We host it
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Language detection
  • 1-3 items per feed
  • Caching: 20 min
  • Links preserved
  • Link to FiveFilters.org in feed



per month
  • We host it
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Language detection
  • 1-10 items per feed
  • Caching: 10 min
  • Links preserved or removed
  • No link to FiveFilters.org in feed


Full-Text RSS 3.2

Released 14 May 2013What's new?Changelog

We offer two purchase options. They come with the same license, but if you intend to use Full-Text RSS as part of a commercial project, please purchase the one for business use.

Full-Text RSS v3.2

for personal use

zip package — 20 €

Buy Now

Full-Text RSS v3.2

for business use

zip package — 30 €

Buy Now

What you get

Full-Text RSS 3.2 from FiveFilters.org includes:

  • Easy installation (no database setup required)
  • Technical support
  • Free updates for 1 year (half price after that)
  • Custom site pattern for a site of your choice *
  • Full source code

* If extraction does not work well on a particular site, contact us with details of what you're trying to extract and we'll send you a custom site config file (for one site only).

After paying you will automatically receive an email with a download link to the zip package. The zip package contains a readme file with instructions for uploading the code to your web host via FTP.

Older versions

Older versions of Full-Text RSS — without site-specific extraction rules — can be downloaded free of charge from our code repository.

Note: we do not offer any support for these and for best extraction results we recommend buying the latest version.

More information

Documentation and support

Our help site covers most of what you'll need to know to get Full-Text RSS up and running and customised to work the way you want.

Our public forum is the place to ask questions and browse previous answers.

Hosted or self-hosted?

We want our users to be free to examine and run the code behind FiveFilters.org however they like. So rather than simply invite you to sign up for our premium hosted plan, we've gone to great effort to make the software easy to use and install on your own hosting account.

Using our hosted service (Free, Premium) is the easiest option as we manage everything. You do not have to worry about staying up to date because we maintain the code and any changes we make will automatically be made available to you.

If, however, you have your own hosting account or manage your own server, the self-hosted option gives you the freedom to run the code and manage things yourself — including writing custom extraction rules. We also have a help page on hosting options which should help you get started.

Note: We monitor our hosted service to prevent abuse. For developers needing to process very large amounts of data, we highly recommend downloading the self-hosted version.


To extract content from a web page or to transform an existing partial feed to full text, pass the URL (encoded) in the querystring to the following URL:

  • http://fivefilters.org/content-only/makefulltextfeed.php?url=[url]

If you have premium access, add your API key to the querystring:

  • http://fivefilters.org/content-only/makefulltextfeed.php?key=[key]&url=[url]
  • http://fivefilters.org/content-only/makefulltextfeed.php?key=[key]&max=[number of feed items]&url=[url]

If you're self-hosting, replace the base URL with the location you installed Full-Text RSS. Our help page has more details on query string parameters you can use.

System requirements

PHP 5.2 or above is required. The code has been tested on local, shared hosting and cloud environments. We recommend you download and run our simple compatibility test before purchasing. It's a single (zipped) PHP file you can upload to your server and access through your browser. It will tell you whether your server is capable of running Full-Text RSS.

On our help site, we have a list of recommended hosts.

Software Components

Full-Text RSS is written in PHP and relies on the following primary components:

Depending on your configuration, these secondary components may also be used:


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This web application is licensed under the AGPL version 3. (More on why this is important.)

The software components in this application are licensed as follows...



Frequently Asked Questions

What is this? How does it work? How can I use it? Why is my content appearing on other sites? See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers.



Our help site contains articles to get you started, and a forum to ask question.



Direct your questions to help@fivefilters.org.



Direct your questions to @fivefilters. Why not follow us too?

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